What Generates Local Business?

Welcome to Blogstrap

In 2012 I created this site. My purpose was to see how well and how quickly I could get this site ranking well and producing leads. Since then it continues to bring inquiries and ranks above the competition for most keywords. When a group of BNI members wanted a...

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More on GMB and Knowledge Panel

What is Google's Knowledge Panel?   And, why should I care what it is? And how do I get one if I don't yet have one? Google has an awesome back-end. (Snicker if you must) Part of that back-end is called the "Knowledge Graph", an 'engine' that collects and...

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Your Review Strategy

What is Your Review Strategy? You need enough reviews to convince a consumer to trust you. Put yourself in their shoes. If you saw a business with just three reviews, would you trust it? You should get enough reviews so that you stand parallel to or above your...

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Why Should I Concentrate on GMB Reviews?

Reviews on Google My Business (GMB) A primary target of Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) is to be number one on the Google Local Pack for important search phrases. A virtual necessity to reach the number one position means you need at least 8 GMB reviews.  More...

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