What Generates Local Business?

Welcome to Blogstrap

In 2012 I created this site. My purpose was to see how well and how quickly I could get this site ranking well and producing leads. Since then it continues to bring inquiries and ranks above the competition for most keywords. 

When a group of BNI members wanted a “Bootstrap” group to grow their online reviews and web traffic I added a special page with the resources to form the basis of such a group. That is still in place and it is mostly relevant today even without edits.

I suggest you become familiar with it. “Bootstrap Group”

Many of these posts concern methods I use to optimize client’s Internet marketing strategy.  Do-it-yourselfers can use this information on their own projects or get ideas to suggest to their own webmasters.

What’s Your Plan for The Recession?

Do you doubt that a recession is coming? Would you like to know exactly when it is going to start? Unfortunately, there's no way to predict the start, but we do know that it is inevitable.  In fact many say it's overdue. Which of these choices is yours to deal with...

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More on GMB and Knowledge Panel

What is Google's Knowledge Panel?   And, why should I care what it is? And how do I get one if I don't yet have one? Google has an awesome back-end. (Snicker if you must) Part of that back-end is called the "Knowledge Graph", an 'engine' that collects and...

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Your Review Strategy

What is Your Review Strategy? You need enough reviews to convince a consumer to trust you. Put yourself in their shoes. If you saw a business with just three reviews, would you trust it? You should get enough reviews so that you stand parallel to or above your...

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Why Should I Concentrate on GMB Reviews?

Reviews on Google My Business (GMB) A primary target of Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) is to be number one on the Google Local Pack for important search phrases. A virtual necessity to reach the number one position means you need at least 8 GMB reviews.  More...

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