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This page was set up to help Bootstrap members improve their site positioning.  If you are not a member of this group you are welcome to use this page to educate yourself in some of the methods to use in improving your competitive Internet marketing.

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Explanation of the Bootstrap Campaign

The amount of business that we can realize from having well designed and optimized online reviews and citations is huge. Optimizing is not a simple process and can be different for different websites and businesses, but several things are fairly universal and some of these are particularly suited to our developing as a group.

By working together on these items we will all be lifted in our Internet presence. The value of having a group that is dedicated to you growing your business is almost impossible to calculate. I am going to coordinate the program, but you will have to do your part by following the agenda that you get at the Bootstrap Group meetings.

How to Build your Yelp Reviewer Reputation

Establishing yourself as a serious reviewer

If you don’t yet have a personal account

Start at

Click on “Sign Up” and fill out the information.  If you don’t want to use your birthdate I suggest using a birthdate that is correct except the day is the first.  That’s easy to remember.

Don’t go to Yelp for Business Owners.  This is for your reviewer account.

After you have an account

In “About Me” fill in as much info as possible and be sure to include a picture.

Click on “Friends” in the links on the left.

If you find it confusing go to for an explanation.

A very important ranking signal for Yelp is how many friends you have linked to your account.  Those that, themselves, are active reviewers adds to the effect.

Start Reviewing

First pick about 10 business you know and search for each by name and location and give them a review. Include different types of businesses.

Don’t make every review 5 stars and don’t gush.  Imagine explaining to a friend what you think of the business, and you can even point out any problems like “they were a little slow in answering, but followed up well” or other items as realistic as possible.  Realize you may get a follow-up from them either thanking you or offering to correct problems.

Make the reviews long enough to be thoughtful, but you don’t have to carry on unless you feel it’s appropriate.

Click on “Useful” or “Cool” or “Funny” on some of the reviews you see.

Download the Yelp app to your mobile phone and use it now and then.

Take time building your reputation.  Review one or two businesses a week.

From time to time update some of your reviews.  After a few months, they get stale and lose their juice.

You can also ask your reviewers to update if you think their review is too old.

Now, when you give a review it is very likely to stick and you will be giving something very valuable to the business.  If you are asking someone to review you, give them a few hints on how to do it if they are unfamiliar with the process.

How to Build Your Business Account on Yelp

Go to Yelp for Business Owners

If you have an account, log in, if not click on “Claim Your Business.


Find your business using the search.  If it isn’t in the data, You will be able to add it.


Fill out as much info on your business as possible.  When it has a lot of detail, pictures and gets some reviews, it will start showing up in Google Searches, so don’t be stingy with details.  Here’s a link to a good explanation of how to do it:

This account will bring you business for years if you do it right.  Don’t be stingy with your time in setting it up.  You will be solicited by Yelp agents to pay for monthly advertising.  You don’t have to have a paid account for your ad to work well!  

You can make a decision if at some point you want to  pay for any features the agent suggests, but if you do, be sure you have a way to determine if it pays off for you so you don’t pay indefinitely with inadequate ROI.  

How to Get a Short Link to Your Yelp Reviews

Go to and find your business by entering the business name and city.

Click on your business name (If you don’t find your business, go to the Build a Business Account on Yelp section first)

Click on the “Write a Review” button.

Copy the Web Address at the top of your window.  It will be very long.

Go to

Paste your web address in the form

Click on “Shorten URL”

In the pop-up click on the copy icon:

You can now paste that shortened URL wherever you wish to go directly to the review page.


How to Complete Your Google My Business Page (GMB)

Here is a good tutorial on how to complete your Google My Business page.  This is very important and it is worth spending the time necessary to complete as much info as possible. The features on your GMB page are numerous and Google adds features often.  The object for Google is to handle as much information as a user wants.  Prospects can get basic info from your GMB page without going to your website like phone, address, hours of operation, services, etc.  However, be sure your website is as complete as possible and that it is well optimized as that is a major ranking factor.

How to Get the Google Review Short Link

First you must have a Google My Business Page that is verified.

You must have an address for your business on your Google My Business page.

Go to

Enter your business name and location, then follow directions.  You can choose a link to a blank review window or a link to a list of your reviews with a link to write a review.  Pick out the “Copy” button that is appropriate.  That will copy the link to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.

This function has been upgraded recently and has excellent options for you to use in setting up a review plan for your business.  


When You Get a Review

Interact with the Yelp reviewer or review in any way possible.

Add the reviewer as a friend

Send the reviewer a message

Respond to the review (good practice in any event)

Vote the review as “Useful” or “Funny” or both.

Have others in your organization do these things.  The more the better.

Do not skip any bad reviews!  They are clues to how you can improve your customer service, and when you respond to them sincerely, it shows other potential customers and reviewers that you take the criticism seriously. .


How to Build Your Online Domain Authority with Citations

List of Directories and Citation Sources

Use this link to start doing your own search engine optimization by checking each citation and correcting your contact information.

Citation building alone will not make immediate changes, but it is as necessary for long term success as the foundation of a house is necessary for a permanent structure.  You can do it yourself by first deciding on what your basic information is to be so you can enter it consistently across all citations.

If you want help on this ask me.  I do it for LSEO  clients.


How and Why to Complete the Form Below

I designed the form below to gather information from clients for Optimization, that is to improve and manage your online reputation.  The idea is that to build your site’s authority and value to search engines, the information that appears on your social media sites, directories and search engines must be absolutely consistent.  (even using “www” in one place and “no www” in another is a negative).

By filling out this form you are accumulating the information you will need to grow your online citations yourself or to provide whoever you have assist you.

Fill out as much as you can and if you need to, you can save what you’ve done and come back to the form afterward to finish it.  The link to do that is at the bottom of the form next to the submit button.

There are only a few required fields, but fill out as much as you can.  If there is a field that you absolutely don’t want to fill and it’s required, just enter nonsense and let me know the problem so I can adjust it.


The information you add to this form will be sent to you by email so you can use it to be consistent when you register on any directory or other Internet citation. You can partially fill it out and return to it to finish or add more info.

  • Basic Information

  • (to be exactly the same everywhere)
  • (main business phone for prospects)
  • (Include as many as you have. Some may not be accepted on some sites)
  • (the landing page for prospects following a link)
  • Part Two: (Existing Review Accounts)

    (these are the most important review sites)
  • (this is a way to search for your business in Google and will bring up your Google business listing if you have one as well as a link to your Google reviews)
  • (this takes you to your Yelp business page where people can review your business)
  • (this takes you to your CitySearch page where people can review your business)
  • (can be used for reviews although impact is low. be sure your page is set to allow posts.)
  • (account detail page and/or review page)
  • (professional directory accounts you appear in)
  • Info for New Directory Listings

    Fill out this section to record the information you would want to be propagated throughout the Internet so Search Engines would pick it up.