What’s Your Plan for The Recession?

Do you doubt that a recession is coming?

Would you like to know exactly when it is going to start?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the start, but we do know that it is inevitable.  In fact many say it’s overdue.

Which of these choices is yours to deal with the recession?

  1. Wait until the ‘shitake hits the blender’ and then figure something out. (Most of your competitors will choose this.)
  2. Plan now to do well during the recession even though marketing will be tougher.

Number two choice is your chance to pull way ahead of your competition, to grow your Internet marketing success, and position your business to flourish during the recovery that will follow the recession.

I have some ideas on how to tweak offsite marketing. They are the actions I take for my own clients.  You or your own professional marketing guide can do the same.

First the preliminary steps to be proactive which will benefit you regardless of recession timing.

We need information.  Here’s some of what we need for planning. In a recession people change their spending habits. Just how depends on your industry (on your business services).  So. . .

  1. We need a description of your target ‘personas’.
  2. We need an idea of how these target “personas” are likely to react at the onset of the recession.
    • The value of a sale.
    • The number of conversions of site visitors to prospects necessary for that sale.We need to know what value each visitor to your site has to your bottom line. (Only then can we maximize the result we can expect from investment in marketing.)
    • The number of visitors to achieve each conversion, and the cost of acquiring that visitor.

Then. . .

      1. How to make your website, and it’s online optimization the best it can be. (If there are to be fewer buyers searching on the Internet, we need to be indexed better than the competition to profit from that diminished prospect pool.)
      2. We need to know the makeup of visitors to our site and optimize to appeal to each classification. (More on this subject in the next post.)

If we don’t make all this preparation, we will probably pull in our horns when the recession hits and hunker down.  We won’t want to invest in marketing if we don’t have a clear idea of how to keep our return on investment high.  By the time we figure out what we should be doing, it will be too late to benefit from it.

The time to start preparing for the recession is now.  Most of the preparation needed can be done by you as site owner.  It is dependent on your own efforts—especially #3 above.  Number 3 information is valuable to our success regardless of what other marketing plans we have.