BtoB Lead Generation Ideas

Which of these are you missing in your plan to generate leads with your online marketing?  There are 10 steps that are the only way to success.

These are 10 steps that are absolutely necessary to achieve good sales leads.

  1. Your website has to be efficient in converting the visitors that come to your site into leads.
    • That means for every 100 visitors you get to the site, more of them take action by calling or leaving their email address.
    • It doesn’t mean that you need to start from scratch, but changes to your site’s content and configuration must be optimized for lead generation.
  2.  Your website must be mobile friendly (responsive) and be simple to use on a smartphone.
    • Over half of your site visitors use a smartphone.
    • Often the configuration and content of the mobile version of your site must be modified for the small screen.
  3.  Your website content and code must be optimized for the most important keywords being used for your product or service.
    • That means serious, in-depth research into the few keywords that are most important and most possible to compete for.
    • It means that what you think are the best keywords must be verified or your time and effort is largely wasted.
    • It requires constant, month to month monitoring to measure results and tweak placement, keyword density and several other factors.
  4.  You must have completed and claimed accounts on Facebook Pages, Google for Business, Yelp for Business, and Bing for business.
    • There are no shortcuts.  You don’t necessarily need to do a great deal of posting, but you do need these listings to be perfectly completed and optimized for your business.
  5.  You must have good recent reviews on Yelp, Google, SuperPages, and Facebook.
    • They must be legitimate reviews and they must be recent.
    • You must respond to all reviews good and bad in a positive, helpful way.
    • Mishandling reviews will cost you money in lost business–guaranteed.
  6.  You must have  consistent Name, Address and Phone (NAP) on every directory or search engine that has your business listing.
    • Something as simple as the wrong phone number or a www on one listing and not the other will seriously compromise your success to the benefit of your competitors.
  7.  You must have listings and citations on at least 10 more relevant directories than your best competition.
    • This cannot be ignored and the directories chosen must be relevant with a capital “R” to be successful.
  8.  You must have at least 50 to 100 citations that you keep current.
    • That means monitoring them and seeing that any changes to your business information, however slight, is quickly reflected in all of them.
  9.  You must allow time enough for all of these elements to be found and recognized by Google and other search engines.
    • This can be weeks or even months.
    • Only a constant attention to improving all of these factors will result in optimum results.
  10. You need to have an advertising strategy and budget that allows you to fill in the gaps in your program.
    • You don’t have to break the bank up front, but you do have to commit to an ongoing cost of improvement that will put you above your competition and keep you there over time.

And, most important, you must find the person who can make all this happen efficiently and affordably.

That’s me, and I can reduce your risk of loss to almost nothing.

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