What is Google’s Knowledge Panel?


And, why should I care what it is?

And how do I get one if I don’t yet have one?

Google has an awesome back-end. (Snicker if you must) 
Part of that back-end is called the “Knowledge Graph”, an ‘engine’ that collects and organizes data about a subject.

The “Knowledge Panel” is the block of information that appears on the right side of your screen in the desktop search results. It shows details on the particular entity you’re searching for.

If you want to be found for search terms like your name, brand or business name, having a well optimized Knowledge Panel will make your company or brand stand out against your competitors.

The result is lots of clicks. After all, if people are searching for you or your brand name, they probably want to find your website and the Knowledge Panel should  have a link to your website.

Google, alone decides whether to show a Knowledge Panel for your brand or business. Part of the list of important criteria it uses is to have a website that is working well and that has high authority compared to competition. If you or your brand have enough authority, a panel will appear.  (But it may be sorely lacking in information)

To see if you have one, search for your business name or brand in Google search, or Google Maps. 

To evaluate your panel, (if you have one) imagine you are a prospective customer or client and you’ve just searched for your business by name or brand. What is your reaction to the information on the panel that appears?

  • How many Google Reviews are there listed?
  • Can you “Request a Quote” by clicking a button?
  • Does it accurately show the hours the business is open?
  • Is there a description of what your business does?
  • Are there entries in “Questions and Answers”? If so, are they useful?
  • Are there pictures that are useful and of good quality?
  • What does the Review Summary tell you about your company?
  • Are their reviews displayed, and how old are they?
  • Are there any posts about the business?
  • If you were a prospective customer, would you then click on the website link, or would you try a different link?

What information would you want to add or change on your panel to  make it more complete? 

To edit information on your Knowledge Panel means communicating your concerns or ideas to your webmaster or by validating your panel with your Google account so you can make changes and additions yourself.