Pricing of Websites

There are two models of Internet marketing that we provide.

First is the coordinated use of a website, lead conversion optimization, search engine optimization, social media integration, online reputation development including citation management, and lead follow-up campaigns to achieve production of customers or clients.

The cost of this first model includes the cost of creation, configuration, and setup of all of the elements that are not already in place. You will always have a concrete quote on all services that we propose.

Since new campaigns take weeks and sometimes months to reach full potential, this model requires you to make an investment that may not provide a return during the ramp-up time. If your business development budget takes this into account, your results will show a very significant return on investment beginning at about six months.

The second model works extremely well for businesses with a very limited cash flow. We have borrowed this second model from the Automobile industry. It is the Lease-Option. We create the entire campaign at our own expense. You have almost no risk exposure.

When the campaign begins to produce leads we will provide you with the leads.

You have the option to pay in one of several ways. It can be a flat fee for each lead, a flat fee per month, or a commission on completed sales. There are plusses and minuses with each possibility, but you are always in control and can opt-out at any time with no obligation except for the leads you’ve already received.

Your contract normally provides you with the exclusive use of these leads in your geographical area. At a mutually agreed time, you can choose to buy the system outright for a pre-determined price, or you can simply walk away with no remaining obligation. Of course, we may then approach other businesses in that area with a lease-option proposal for that site.

This second model means no risk for your business and a predictable cost per sale. There is, however, one factor that may not work. We can only offer this to a limited number of businesses since it takes a large investment in time and money to create each marketing system, so if you are interested in this model, let us know, and we will discuss it with you to see if it makes sense both for you and for us.

This ‘lease-option’ is like a ‘build-to-suit’ real estate property where the owner agrees to develop a property to accommodate a prospective tenant. Both parties have to be sure they want to do business together.